Our incredible story

Normandy, France Pictire of all 3 Yabon's pouches: chocolate, vanilla and banana

Our story began in Normandy in 1950 when Mrs Laffly acquired the patent for canned rice milk cake and founded her company.

Since that day, Yabon has become famous for their delicious French treats.

Yabon's cow with hippie clothing 1963

Our loveable mascot Charlie
makes her debut!

Old Yabon advertisement from the 1980's 1980’s

In the 80’s, Yabon continued to innovate, staying ahead of the curve with the creation of new and exciting products.

Small Yabon pouches from 2005 2005

Our first pouch for children’s pudding!
No more spoons, no more mess!

Yabon's cow wearing american clothes and holding a Welcome sign 2020

Yabon decides to take our delicious puddings to America! We are so excited to meet you!

wavy separator yabon blue color

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